Rental FAQ's


Monthly Rental Rates

Minimum 1 month rental. There is a $25.00 cleaning deposit due at time of rental. POM covers you against Damage & Theft.

Instrument Budget Best Value Premier POM Coverage
Bell Kit


$21.00 n/a $6.00


$26.00 $39.00 $8.00
Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone


$29.00 $39.00 $8.00


$29.00 $39.00 $8.00


$53.00 $65.00 $8.00
Alto Sax


$53.00 $65.00 $8.00

Do you rent quality instruments?

All of our instruments are quality student level instruments that are teacher approved. We carry all major manufacturers including Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Jupiter, Pegasus, Accent and more.

Is the instrument cleaned?

Yes, we evaluate each instrument and make sure it is cleaned, sanitized, play tested, repaired and ready to rent. Rentals also go through our hospital grade UVC chamber for extra safety.

How do I make monthly payments?

After your initial payment, the monthly payment will be deducted from the credit card on file.

Can I pay with check or cash?

Yes, you can send a check or pay cash, but please make sure payment is received before the monthly due date. If payment is not received by the due date we will default to automatically charging the card on file.

Do you offer ACH bank withdrawal?

No, we currently accept credit and debit cards with the Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express logo.

Do I get the cleaning deposit back?

No, the deposit goes towards the cleaning, sanitization, and adjustment of the instrument upon return.

What happens if the instrument is damaged, needs repair, or is stolen?

Our optional Peace of Mind maintenance program covers you against damage, repairs, and theft. If you opt-in to this program, we simply take care of it at no cost to you. There is no deductible, so you are guaranteed total peace of mind. If you decline the Peace of Mind maintenance program, you will be liable for all damage, repairs, or the full retail value of the instrument.

Does my student need the accessories?

Yes. If this is your first time playing we offer a starter package comes with all teacher recommend supplies that you will need to play and maintain the instrument on a day to day basis.

Do my rental payments apply towards purchase?

Yes, depending on the instrument and program your rental payment can apply towards purchase of a brand new instrument. Please see the purchase option FAQs for more details.



Why should I rent instead of purchasing?

Typically for new students the best option is to rent first, here's some great reasons why:

  • Low Commitment-you can return the instrument at any time.
  • Purchase Option-The money you pay in rent can be applied towards purchase of a brand new instrument.
  • Free exchanges-if the student changes their mind, you can exchange for a different instrument. If you are renting a string instrument, there are different sizes, so you can exchange as they grow at no charge.
  • Repair/Theft Coverage-We offer a Peace of Mind maintenance program that covers you if anything happens to the instrument with no deductible.
  • Quality-Often “cheap” instruments found online are not of good enough quality for a beginning band or orchestra student. They are often not repairable, don't have replacement parts available, and result in a negative experience for the student. At Bertrand’s Music we only rent quality teacher approved instruments. If it sounds too be good to be true, it probably is.

What is the easiest instrument to learn?

Each instrument has its own unique challenges. There are easy and difficult aspects of each instrument. The easiest instrument to learn is the one that the student wants to play the most, since they will be more willing to practice.

Can my student try out the instruments?

Yes, we have an Instrument Exploration program where you are able to touch, feel, and make a sound on the Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, and Violin. We also have free videos as part of our Virtual Instrument Petting Zoo.

How much does it cost to switch instruments?

There is no charge to switch instruments. The only change in cost would be if there is a different monthly rental rate. Also, if you are switching there may be some specific accessories for that instrument.

Do you rent new instruments?

Yes, we have a premier rental that offers brand new options. *subject to availability

Can I rent the instrument but have someone else make the rental payments?

The person who signs the contract takes full responsibility for the instrument. If another party wants to make a payment they can do so by contacting one of our sales associates.

How do I stop the payments and return the instrument?

Just bring your rental instrument to any Bertrand's Music location. Once you return the instrument, your payments will stop.

How do I stop the payments and return the instrument?

Just bring your rental instrument to any Bertrand's Music location. Once you return the instrument, your payments will stop.

Do you offer a military discount?

There is no extra discount on the rental, but we do offer a 10% discount on all accessories and print music purchases.