Online Learning and Masterclasses

1. Jupiter Virtual Education Series
A series put on by KHS with masterclasses applicable to both students and educators. Topics include practice techniques, leadership in your band, composition, engaging students through online recording and more!
2. Bertrand's Music First Year Musician Series
A free video series for flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, alto sax, and violin players in their first year. Topics include long tone work, tonguing and lip slurs, bow hold, and more!
3. Bertrand's Music Youtube  
Our channel is focused on the beginning to intermediate band and  orchestra student. Popular videos include instrument care and maintenance, violin tuning, and many more.
4. Practicing at Home: What’s the Big I.D.E.A.?
Alfred publishing has a wealth of blog posts and resources available. This one specifically apples to at home practice. "I.D.E.A. stands for Identify, Decide, Execute, and Analyze. By using these four steps I have seen my students become more successful in individual  practice, classroom rehearsals, and performance."
5. NAFME Webinars for Educators
A collection from the National Associaton for Music Education that is specific to virtual learning. We highly recommend the webinar "Bridging the Gap". Everything from Webinars, to concert resources and lesson plans available here. A great one stop shop of virtual learning!
6. Virtual Clinics - ask us how!
Interested in having a virtual clinic exclusively for your students? Contact
your Bertrand's Educational Specialist or [email protected]
7. COVID-19 MEA Cancellations/Reschedules
A list of MEA events that have been cancelled/rescheduled and links to their individual statements and pages.
8. NAMM Foundation
The Music Achievement Council (MAC) has a variety of resources for directors from recruitment and retention ideas to music advocacy.
A project from the Music Ed program at Gettysburg College. Another
resource compilation that is well organized by category.
A great source for students and parents, especially in early or general music classes. This site has some fun simple games, listening links, and famous composer info.  
11. Daily Warmups with Harry Waters  
A free social distancing daily warmup at 11am EST




Online Teaching Resources


1. Zoom
Zoom quickly became "the standard" for online meetings and has extended their free time limit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though some have had issues with security, Zoom has  added new features to prevent unauthorized access. Like any live platform, playing together isn't an option but Bertrand's has had some success using this as a way for peer evaluation in group settings as well as private lessons. Need help with Zoom? Contact us!
2. Flip Grid
One of the most popular for Music Educators! A great way to engage and encourage peer interaction. Includes fun additions to your videos like a whiteboard option, stickers, and more!
3. Essential Elements Interactive
Essential Elements Interactive platform included with the method book. If you are using Essential Elements, this is a no brainer! Has the ability to add resources like videos, pdf, etc as well as a plethora of built in video resources. Includes the function on backing tracks for exercises in the book as well as the ability to have students record and submit their playing. Web based or app available from app store and google play.

Bertrand's Music is using this for some group classes, contact your
Bertrand's Music Education Specialist if you need assistance!
4. Noteflight
FREE DURING COVID-19 for through June 30, 2020
for Affected Schools/Districts

Noteflight is well known for ease of use, the high quality web based  platform, and specific attention to COPPA privacy for students. Noteflight allows students to record and submit assignements and has score integration from a number of publishers. Noteflight also integrates into a number of Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom, Blackboard, and more.
5. Facebook Messenger
Many private instructors have had success with messenger for
virtual teaching above some of the other options. Much depends
on access and speed of internet connection.
6. Facetime
For iphone/Mac users. Again, a tool that can be used for private
instruction with video but quality is dependent on internet speed.
7. Google Classroom
Integrates well across google platform. A tool to help organize
assigments, communication, and improve collaboration.
8. Screencastify
A popular way to record, edit, and share your presentation and
screen with video overlay. Works great for lectures!
9. Chrome Music Lab
A fun web based collection activities including a spectromenter,
oscillators, and song and melody makers!
Performance Opportunities


1. Bertrand's Music Virtual Concert - Info coming soon for end of year event!
Join in the fun for the Bertrand's Music Virtual Concert! All skill levels are welcome
2. Youtube
The video content giant is always a way to get your music out to the world!
3. Instagram
Instagram videos are quickly rising in popularity with musicians of all levels
4. Porch Concerts
Play a concert on your porch or balcony for neighbors to enjoy!
5. KHS Virtual Band Festival
May 2, 2020
Online festival put on by KHS (Jupiter, Majestic, Mapex). Register for adjudication only or adjudication and performance. Submit a recording of your band for review!



Peer Connection

1. Music Educators Creating Online Learning Facebook Group  
A Facebook group comprised of music educators working together
through struggles and successes of virtual learning
A website dedicated to material specific to band directors including
tips for lessons, blog posts, resources, and more



Inspiration and Entertainment

1. Tim Saeger
A local San Diego trumpet teacher that has put together some fantastic compilation videos with students and even a famous special guest artist (Watch the Rocky video!)
2. NPR's list of Virtual Concerts to watch
NPR compiled a list of some great virtual concerts going on separated by date and genre