B49-70-4P 4-Pack: Boveda Refill 70 gram 49% RH for wooden instruments

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Only Boveda's patented 2-way humidity control adds or removes moisture as conditions require to maintain the ideal humidity level in your instrument case. Boveda helps prevent warping or cracking, and eliminates downtime for service. Because Boveda requires zero maintenance, your instrument will always be protected.


  • Requires zero maintenance—no more filling messy hoses and snakes and wetting sponges
  • Maintains an ideal relative humidity range for instruments—40-60% RH
  • Prevents wide fluctuations in humidity that cause the wood to expand or shrink, and degrade its performance abilities
Replace Boveda 2-way humidity packs every three (3) months.

Model: B49-70-4P
Manufacturer: Boveda

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